Heath is the visionary founder and owner of Stem + Leaf, Vian's beloved floral boutique. With a lifelong passion for floral design and a background in education, Heath brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking to his craft. Starting his journey in the floral industry at the young age of 19, Heath's experience and expertise have blossomed over the years, capturing the hearts of the local community. A dedicated teacher of advanced math and science courses for 11 years, after opening Stem + Leaf in 2017, Heath made the bold decision to devote himself full time to Stem + Leaf in December of 2020. With his warm smile and genuine enthusiasm, Heath transforms every customer's vision into a stunning floral reality, leaving a lasting impression for any occasion.


Cassidy, a blossoming talent at Stem + Leaf, began her floral design journey right here in the Fall of 2020. Balancing work, family, and her deep passion for creativity, she brings a unique energy to every arrangement she crafts. Married to her loving husband Brek and blessed with a delightful daughter named Kennedy, Cassidy's dedication extends beyond flowers as she also finds fulfillment in her role as a dance instructor. When she's not designing captivating floral creations or cherishing precious moments with her family, you'll likely find Cassidy inspiring others through the art of dance.


Jody, a seasoned floral designer with an impressive tenure of nearly 30 years, is a true expert in her craft. With a wealth of experience spanning all areas of floral design, she brings knowledge and expertise to every arrangement she creates. Beyond her flourishing career, Jody's passions extend to the nurturing of animals on her picturesque farm, where she and her daughter Shelby find solace and joy in caring for their beloved furry companions. From tending to the delicate blooms in her floral arrangements to nurturing the hearts of animals, Jody's commitment to beauty, compassion, and the natural world shines through in all aspects of her life. Her deep-rooted expertise and heartfelt dedication make her an invaluable asset to the Stem + Leaf family, ensuring that each creation is crafted with meticulous care and artistic brilliance. Jody's boundless creativity and love for both flora and fauna create a truly captivating tapestry of experiences that enriches not only her designs but also the lives of those who encounter her creations.


Katie, a dynamic and enthusiastic member of our team, joined Stem + Leaf in the fall of 2022, adding her unique flair to our floral creations. With three years of experience under her belt, Katie has quickly become a valued asset with her knack for crafting distinctive and captivating designs. Her unparalleled talent in selecting colors ensures that every arrangement is a harmonious masterpiece. Outside of work, Katie enjoys treasured moments with her husband, Brant, and their two children, Charlie and Brody. Recently, she has also ventured into the world of handcrafted signs, showcasing her remarkable skills and creativity. Katie's multifaceted talents make her an invaluable asset, infusing each floral creation with her vibrant energy and unmatched expertise.