• Exquisite Surprises

    Unleash the delight of bespoke floral gifts.

  • Luxurious Self-Indulgence

    Immerse yourself in opulent floral luxury.

  • Effortless Serenity

    Embrace the ease and tranquility of our floral service.

About our Service

  • Personalized + Effortless: Enjoy a dedicated client services advisor to curate your perfect floral subscription experience.

  • Exclusive Delivery Locations: Available to our local clientele as well as Fort Smith, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Dallas, with possible expansion to other areas on a per-case approval basis.

  • Convenient Dependable Delivery : Your dedicated advisor will work with you to schedule the first delivery date, and subsequent deliveries will be scheduled at a consistent time determined based on your delivery frequency and location.

  • Varied Delivery Frequencies: Tailor delivery frequency to your preference - monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

Echoing Elegance: Rave Reviews from Our Esteemed Connoisseurs

"We are so lucky to have Stem + Leaf... Customer service: top notch. Floral design: superb. Timeliness: outstanding. Heath and his team consistently do incredible work and they're always such a pleasure to work with! Stem + Leaf is our forever first choice!" - Ryan S.

"Excellent in all aspects! Never disappointed." - Kenneth J.

"Thank you... Stem & Leaf for always going above & beyond to provide impeccable service to your customers! If you’re not using them for your floral needs you should be!..." - Charlotte T.

Subscription Details

  • Hand-Tailored Service: Your dedicated client services advisor will personally facilitate your subscription setup.

  • Flexible Subscription Options: Choose from 3, 6, or 12 months of enchanting floral deliveries or an ongoing subscription.

  • Transparent Pricing: Starting from $65, prices vary based on delivery location, ensuring accessible luxury.

  • Freedom to Pause: After three months, you can pause or stop the service at any time.

  • Pay-as-You-Go: Enjoy the ease of monthly charges with no prepayment required.
  • Unveiling Elegance

    A luxurious greeting will be presented to recipients emanating opulence and sophistication, as we reveal their exclusive membership. A true testament to the beauty they will continue to receive, this token of affection promises to captivate and enchant, announcing the beginning of a floral journey like no other."

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the intricacies of our custom service.

Q: How does the subscription service work?

A: The bespoke subscription service is highly customizable to meet the needs of our discerning clientele. Your client services advisor will work with you to determine the frequency, duration, and budget of your subscription. Subscriptions can be gifted, used personally, or for commercial purposes. Our expert florists will create stunning arrangements and deliver them at a scheduled time to bring joy and elegance to your space or your designated recipient.

Q: Can I customize the floral arrangements?

A: Absolutely! We believe in personalization. While we excel at surprise and delight, we also encourage you to share your preferred floral style and any special requests. Customization may have an impact on pricing... your dedicated advisor can walk you through those details. The subscription program offers increased value through standardization of subscriptions orders each week. Themes, palettes, and styles vary from delivery to delivery., but our purchasing department plans for a unified weekly production of subscription arrangements. However, through customization, our team can tailor the arrangements to reflect your unique taste and preferences, creating a truly bespoke experience.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: Our premium floral subscription service is currently available to our local clientele and in Fort Smith, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Dallas. For other areas, delivery may be considered on a case-by-case basis. We strive to bring the beauty of our blooms to as many locations as possible.

Q: How much does the subscription cost?

A: Our pricing starts as little as $65, with incremental increases based on delivery location and size preference. $65 reflects the investment required for our Tier 1 service delivered to our local clientele only. Service to Tulsa/OKC and Dallas begins at Tier 2. See additional information below. We aim to offer accessible luxury to all who seek exceptional floral experiences.

Q: Can I pause or cancel the subscription?

A: Yes! Our goal is to provide only the most exceptional service. If for any reason you would like to terminate your subscription you are welcome to do so. Requests to pause service will be handled on a case-by-case basis with our ultimate goal being to accommodate our clients to the best of our ability.

Q: Is this service suitable for gifting?

A: Absolutely. Our premium floral subscription is designed to bring beauty and luxury into your life or the life of a friend, loved one, or even a business.

Q: Can I pick delivery dates?

A: Yes and No. Your advisor will work with you to pick a custom date for the first delivery as available. Subsequent deliveries will fall into a standardized delivery schedule based on location and frequency which allows us to best serve our clientele with the premium personalized service we are known for.

Q: How do I get started?

A: It's easy! Fill out our signup form below with your contact information, preferred subscription details, and any personalization preferences. Your dedicated client services advisor will then reach out to you personally to facilitate the setup of your premium floral subscription.

Pricing Structure

Our premium subscription arrangements are planned and designed by our team of expert florists. Design sizes and shapes will vary according to a number of factors. We strive to source the freshest and most unique floral products available, and we base our designs around those products. The below images represent examples of what might be produced for a given tier. Size varies with design style - some designs are low and compact, loaded with blooms. Some designs are wild and airy achieving a larger overall size with a lesser amount of flowers. You are selecting based on value, not size.

  • Tier 1

    Local Clientele & Fort Smith


    Tulsa / OKC

    Not Available


    Not Available

  • Tier 2

    Local Clientele & Fort Smith


    Tulsa / OKC




  • Tier 3

    Local Clientele & Fort Smith


    Tulsa / OKC




  • Tier 4

    Local Clientele & Fort Smith


    Tulsa / OKC




  • Tier 5

    Local Clientele & Fort Smith


    Tulsa / OKC